English And Modern English

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Q: Which features of modern English differentiate it from early modern English?
Modern English was much more standardized then early modern English. It slowly and gradually established throughout the world and got the most attention in histories of English because it was much more standardize as compare to previous English periods. It was considered as a language for the management of different organizations so, it expanded due to these organizations. Its establishment lead to the industrial revolution. The industrial advancement resulted in the increase of vocabulary of modern English which was related to technology and industry which gave new name to industrial techniques, products and technology, which resulted in the global restructuring of language. With the global restructuring of modern English, it established as the language of advertising and consumerism.
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It begin to use globally while early modern English didn’t face this much expansion. Modern English became more productive or helpful with the rise of America as a superpower. The impact of Anglo-American culture was felt significantly on the modern English when it established international financial institutions including World Bank which replaced centralized markets by free markets which also influenced the culture, including the impact of English.
Early modern English didn’t face this much expansion, which modern English encountered. The organizations established after the war such as United Nations also played a significant role in the spread of English. These institutions also used French and German languages, but as English was used as a language by consumerism it became de facto i.e. they used English whether they liked it or
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