English As A Foreign Language

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Grammar teaching has an irreplaceable place in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) because of the fact that without grammar learners can use the language in a limited way; they may not achieve to fully express their intentions or meaning of the messages in a communication activity. It has been seen that throughout the history, the attention given to grammar teaching has differed from time to time. In the beginnings of the twentieth century, grammar teaching was regarded so essential that other aspects of language were ignored as it was thought that it was necessary to know the grammatical rules in order to communicate appropriately. This idea was criticized in 1970s and it was argued that knowledge of the grammatical system of the language was one of the many components which lies beneath the idea of communicative competence (Richards & Renandya, 2002). And in order to use a language competently, it is not enough for a learner only to know the grammar rules as she should also know how the rules are used in real communication. During this period, grammar teaching began to lose its popularity and even abandoned in some cases. Recently, grammar teaching has risen again in language curriculum by receiving considerable attention. It is regarded as a very crucial part of language which should not be overlooked by the researchers. Today, it can easily be asserted as true that the necessity of teaching grammar is not questioned; instead, issues such as the most effective ways and
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