English As A Universal Language

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Lost in Translation Coming to United States of America have changed my conception about English being a universal language. I was taught that English language is the same English Language anywhere in the world, but to my surprise English language is not the same all over the world. I was lost in English translation when I arrived in the United States of America from Nigeria. I was born and raised in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Nigeria is located in the western part of Africa and it is the most populous country in Africa lined with trees to create a beautiful landscape. Nigeria has about twenty different dialects and native languages. People with different native languages have to communicate in English language to understand each other. In 1960, Nigeria gained its independence from the British government. English became the official language of Nigeria after the colonial rule of the British government. There are different dialects of English language in Nigeria. The pigeon English (broken English) is the commonly used language. Those that were not educated were able to speak the pigeon English. Then, there is the correct English which are spoken by those who were educated. As a high school graduate, I belong to the correct English group. I earned my high school diploma when I graduated from high school in Nigeria. For one to earn a high school diploma in Nigeria, it is like mastering all the school works from ones first year in high school to the last year in high school.
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