English As An International Language Essay

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Language spoken by different people of different nations is an international language. Society is made by a group of people who share the common values and culture. The process in which they interact and they relate information to each other to create a value in terms of efficiency and understanding is communication; through a common language. The total number of languages spoken in this world is estimated to be in between three to eight thousand. English language ranks only behind Spanish and Chinese Mandarin in terms of the first language used by people. However, the number of people who understand and can communicate in English is probably among the highest in the world leaving any languages far behind. Over the last decades English has undoubtedly established as an international language. (Adriana, T 2010)…show more content…
(Sharifian, F 2009) International language may be English because that is the most expected language and is the language of the ancient earth power. With factors like international education, globalization, foreign job placements and international business, people are expected to speak in English so that they can seamlessly integrate into their doings. This only caters to the growth of English as an international language. The growth of English as an international language however has a negative impact on the development of the other languages as an international language. The biggest challenge it will create is in the efficiency during jobs, education and integration in the
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