English As Ficial Language Of The United States Essay

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English as the Official Language of the United States English is the biggest language in the world, many countries use it as the official language. The most important two countries are United Kingdom and the United States. Long times ago, Britain is the first country that occupied North America. And they brought their language to here and teach the local people to say it. But after the United States been independent, Americans developed the British English to American English. We have a huge amount of languages around the world, such as Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. These three languages are also having lots of speakers. How can English become the biggest language in the world? In the South part of the North America, Mexicans speak Spanish, and the original Americans speak Indigenous languages, but now English is the only language that is using in the US government. Why Americans didn’t choose other languages to be their official language after the United States was established? Many years ago, near 5th century AD, three Germanic tribes the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes invaded Britain. The original inhabitants of Britain spoke Celtics language and most of them were pushed into Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The intruders all spoke the similar language named “Englisc”, and people now call it Old English. The development of English can divide by three parts, Old English Middle English and Modern English. At the beginning, English is only used by people who lived in
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