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Language is an important part of the learning process. Through language people are able to learn. Even though this course is in English, doe not mean that everyone uses English as a first language, in fact for many people English is their third language. Therefore understanding is very important if the learning experience is going to be useful to all learners. Translating ideas in learning Many people do not use English as their first language, and they have to translate what they are learning from English into another language in order to help understand it better. This is a way to help make learning easier. When more than one language is used in learning there can be some problems when things are not correctly translated from one…show more content…
3) Use formal language. Do not use slang or jargon, or even worse swear words (profanities) in your writing. 1.2 Being responsible for my own learning US 119631 SO2 AC1-7 Studying requires that responsibility from the person doing the studying. The decision to study is a choice and the person choosing to study must commit themselves to the learning process. As an adult learner you will be required to: • Be involved in group work, discuss ideas with group members, work as a team and sometimes even complete homework or assessments together. • Be required to study by yourself in your own time. This is very important as you will need to motivate yourself and stay focused on the learning. • Be required to complete a Portfolio of Evidence. This requires lots of time and patience, all material needs to be placed in the correct sections. All additional information needs to be referenced and man documents need to be completed. Learning tasks Adult learning offers choices to the learner and these can include what kind of learning task the learner will complete. Some basic learning tasks are • essay topic- an essay normally discusses some points and is focused on theory or knowledge. • research project- requires the learner to research a topic and to collect this information and share it in a project. • signed narrative- for people who are unable to hear, signing becomes a way of sharing information through a signed narrative, which explain
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