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Eliza English 160 Brochure: Brighton University We all have that one big decision to make in our lives, and that is choosing a university to attend to pursue our career. Let this brochure guide you to the right path, which is choosing Brighton University. The way the brochure was made has many reasons why. The colors and format was laid out for the audience’s attention to be captured. The color selection was based on the primary colors from the color wheel. Red and blue are strong, yet bold colors. These colors were to resemble the university to be a primary choice for the audience. These two colors play an effect on making the school advertisement look wealthy and strong, which gives the audience a good feel to attend this…show more content…
No extra reading or anything, just simple and direct information. This way, it’s easier for the audience to find the general information that they look for to find out if this university is the right one for them or not. Basically, the panels are there to show the audience what is available and what extra activities an individual can do to be involved throughout their college years. Which leads to the explanation to why there is a “get involved” quote under where all the clubs are listed. That quote is there to also show that more opportunities that are available to get into a certain field and learn more in a stress free environment without any tests. In conclusion, this brochure is simple yet informational at the same time for the audience. It was made that certain way to get the audience to see what they like and contact the university with more information. Nobody wants to read heavy, informational brochures. That is why this brochure was made to be as simple as it can for the audience to obtain necessary information that is needed, then call or visit the website to find out more additional information they would like to know. But in the end of it, the brochure is to show the audience Brighton University is the right for
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