English Chapter 3 Essay

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Vincenzo DeMaria 9/24/12 English 101 Page 106 What did the writer say and what do you think? (1-3) 1.) No, I do not think any of Fulford’s examples of Movie Wisdom strikes me as inaccurate. Its because most of his examples were all on point and he explained how movies are predictable once you have a little in following the plots of different types of movies. 2.) He includes an anecdote, in an essay that shows how movies get it wrong, because he wants to tell the readers that people believe what they see and…show more content…
2.) The difference between a white lie and a couple lie is that a white lie is when you lie to not hurt someone's feelings. And a couple lie is a lie that is leaving someone else out of it and making your own decision on something. 3.) The thesis is “Domestic tranquility in the nation sometimes requires the U.S. government, according to the Constitution, but for domestic tranquility in marriage, “couple lies” often come in handy.” No, it was never directly stated in this article. How did the writer say it? (1-3) 1.) Yes, there are enough examples because it added interest and persuasion. And yes, they do represent as a “reasonable cross section”. It is because the examples were connected to real life situations. 2.) No, she doesn’t mean this dialogue to be realistic because she says these things to show the reader how a husband and wife would communicate to each other. 3.) The essay begins with a story about a couple lie rather than with a definition of the term or a thesis statement because she tries to get the reader thinking about what couple lie means instead of actually just saying the definition. Page 111 What did the writer say and what do you think? (1-3) 1.) The author does try to attempt to express the same idea or ideas in everyday language because he says that we need to discover that there are more than one right answer to a question. And that
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