English Class Reflection

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I can say with a high degree of confidence that AP Upper-Mid English has been unlike any other English course that I have taken during my academic career. Put plainly, the material and in-class instruction of the class is revelatory in every sense of the term, and, overall, the organization and matter of the course was exceptional. In terms of the organization of the course as a whole, I believe that the English Department was able to successfully distill all of the dominant aspects of learning that an English class epitomizes into the relatively short period of time that school is in session. In my experience, I have found the class to be organized and structured competently. The schedule, curriculum, and writing assignments were easy to understand and I felt as though I exited the classroom every class feeling as if I accomplished what I had to for that day and I had a definite grip on what to expect for the next class. That being said, I think it is also imperative for me to mention that the course was not overly constricting or overly-structured either -- the schedule had enough malleability to accommodate for impromptu activities. For instance, when Bob Levy, an acclaimed journalist for the Washington Post, visited Taft, our class used our period to have a invigorating conversation with him about the future of Internet Privacy, a conversation that I think was instructive and, in all likelihood, prepared me for the AP Exam just as much as the traditional class that we

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