English Classroom Observation Report

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This section of the project is divided in three areas:
 General considerations:
I have drawn my empirical data from the observations carried out in a Kindergarten I have been observing since March.
Regarding the English teacher, she has utter freedom in what and how to teach. Nevertheless, she tries to plan the lessons with the main teacher to try to present the learners similar vocabulary in Spanish and in English. The aim of the institution is that students can approach to English in a friendly and positive atmosphere. Regarding the group I have been observing, it is integrated by 12 learners, aged 3 and 4 years old.
 Classroom features:
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Closing the lesson with a greeting is also recommendable “goodbye students” “have a nice week” and before we even notice they have incorporated these expressions into their lessons vocabulary. The teacher´s rationale for doing so is that repetition and recalling vocabulary is the best way to reaffirm what they have learnt so far.
 Use of visual materials. The classroom is full of billboards, flash cards, big images, cardboards which from what I observed are suitable to teach vocabulary. They enjoy visual activities such as pointing things in a cardboard, etc.
 Watching videos in English. As observed, they are keen on this activity. At the end of every class they were shown a video about the vocabulary presented in the lesson. Videos often include songs, personally I think it is a good combination between visual and audio materials.
I organized the information I gathered in the observations in a personal Portfolio, where I keep my notes of every lesson, a summary of the lesson plan, useful tips and recommendations of the teacher and a copy of the activities presented by her.
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Comparison and contrast of theory and observation.
By comparing the observation and the theoretical background, I found out that most of the literature written about this topic seems to be right in practice.
To gather more information related to this topic, some interviews to different English teachers were carried
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