English Composition : Valuable Tools

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English Composition One: Valuable Tools Almost Eight weeks have elapsed since the start of English Composition and in these short eight weeks, I have absorbed a tremendous amount of information that I will be taking with me in my pursuit of a college degree. I have mentioned many times in this class that I have been absent from college for almost twenty-five years. Restarting the educational process has not been an easy undertaking. English Composition, in particular, has been a problematic area for me, currently and historically. Gratefully, throughout this class, I have been given valuable instruments that I can take along with me class by class. Through the last eight weeks of this term, I have regained some footing I lost through the years with the aid of the tools presented in this class. The use of the eLearning material by MindEdge as well as the continuing support of Professor Morrison and my fellow students through the utilization of the discussion board has enabled me to flourish beyond my expectations. MindEdge eLearning modules have been one of the best instruments for me in this class, increasing my knowledge of writing and the writing process. Each separate module provided me with the knowledge missing from my lost years of study. For example, Module one, sections 1.03-1.20 provided the much-needed review of the different forms of essays, to the writing process itself (MindEdge). For me, this was a critical step in my return to writing. Having forgotten the
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