English Course Reflection

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As someone with a love for words and a talent for writing, I plan on majoring in English. I also wish to double-major in filmmaking, as I would like to screenwrite and eventually direct films. Succeeding in this course is a prerequisite to the creative writing and English courses I will take during my college education. Thus far, this class has taught me how to write persuasively, tie my writing into the overall context, and think critically. The first two skills aid me in reaching whatever audience I desire and asserting myself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy writer. The last item in the list, thinking critically, is necessary and applicable to all aspects of life. Those who can think critically have the strongest arguments, best problem-solving…show more content…
It enables me to both connect and communicate to my future readers and viewers. When combined with writing techniques I will acquire throughout my higher education, I will have a higher chance of being noticed in the sea of rival aspiring writers. Furthermore, analysis of media and literature is a practice I can integrate into my regular routine. By scrutinizing the work of others, I can collect a variety of helpful methods as well as notice pitfalls to avoid. Another contributor to my occupational success is the study and utilization of rhetoric. Rhetoric is the mortar that turns a stack of words into a solid essay. Through practice, I can manipulate rhetoric to glean any intended reaction from my audience. This is a skill that will prove imperative to attain if I am to achieve the recognition I hope…show more content…
In particular, critical thinking and reading were thoroughly exercised throughout the first semester. Reading responses and analysis-oriented essays provided a setting conducive to the growth of this mental muscle. Additionally, my self-evaluation has become more stringent. Setting higher expectations for my writing has not only advanced my success in this course, but advanced my ability to aid my peers. In the future when I hold the transitory position of a script editor, my standards will assist the process of selecting and refining potential screenplays. Finally, the capacity to analyze visual rhetoric will significantly improve my educational and occupational success. Not only does it permit me to learn from others, but it also grants me the ability to communicate in the most powerful
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