English Descriptive Narrative essay

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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Philadelphia. The air was fresh and the fog was rolling off of the dark green oak trees. These trees were scattered everywhere like grains of sand on a hot summer beach. The soft and lingering scent from the various kinds of flowers filled the air. This added a sense of happiness to everyone who was celebrating my uncle’s wedding, especially my sisters and I. Before the wedding, people were gathered in large groups, everywhere, bickering with one another. Over 450 were people talking and suddenly a quietness came over the crowd. All of them were waiting on the same thing, that fairytale moment where two people come together with one thing in common, love. As everyone started to take their…show more content…
All of them were holding on to their lovely flowers. As for the nicely shaved men wearing matching black tuxes and purple ties, they were lined up on the right hand side. Each of them with their hands placed in front of their body. After the bridesmaids and the groomsmen got situated it was finally time. It was like she was walking on clouds. Walking with grace in every foot step, she came out from behind the stone wall in her long white dress covered in a very thin lace. Everyone was watching her. It was her day to celebrate. All eyes were on her. As I took a glance at the groom I knew this was a forever love. Tears rolled down his eyes faster and faster as his soon to be wife came out. He looked at her the same way as almost every character in a love story would. When they held eachothers hands and said their vows, I knew right then that this was a moment of truth. “I do.” finally came out of his quivering lips and then from hers. They had finally done it. They have sealed that bond of love with the most powerful kiss. This kiss was full of meaning and pure passion. Everyone was affected by this commitment. Some cried, others clapped, and some just watched in awe, of what looked like a bond that could not be broken. As the ceremony neared its end, everybody went their separate ways. The elderly people started filing out of the gardens to go home after a long memorable day. While the families had to send their kids to bed after a tiring day of
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