English: English, An International And International Language

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1: Introduction Language always works as useful instrument that helps to bring the people of different areas with each other. It helps them get access to each other and gives them a chance to express themselves in front of their beloved ones. All the creatures of the world have their language in form of gestures, wild sounds and specific movement etc. Through these gestures they converse with each other successfully but even cannot expand their words. Human being has this quality that makes them superior to all the other creatures. They are capable to expand their language at the same time they have the ability to make more than one language with the amalgamation of other languages. English, no doubt, is an international language due to…show more content…
Language helps them to distinguish from other nations. Language is a main asset of any nation and all the people works a lot for the establishment and development of their language. Language that dominant to other languages gains a title of national and international language. Now a day, English is considered an international and global language because of its vast usage in the world. It is used to speak in the one third of the world. Most of books are being written in English. English language is very rich because it contains a vast knowledge almost in all the fields of life. It is used in many countries as a second language. Many countries used it as an officially second language. English has gained this status just due to its modern invention because English people are spreading vast knowledge in their own language. Today, English is being used in all the discipline for instance, art, engineering, medical, teaching, aeronautical, army, commerce, science etc. In underdeveloped countries, English is used to teach as compulsory subject from nursery level. Even at the government level many steps have been taken to increase the proficiency of the students. A modern trend is that only those people are considered educated who have full command on English in their spoken and written
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