English Essay Electronics in Society

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In today’s society, electronics are what our lives are controlled by and based on. Without electronics, our lives would be at a standstill and nothing would get done fast enough. Almost everyone one owns some type of electronic in order to make their lives easier, regardless of the negative affects it can have on society. With all the positive and negative uses of electronics, the younger generation still needs to be monitored on how they use these electronics. Parents should supervise their children’s use of electronics and know what they are doing on these high tech gadgets. Parents staying focused on monitoring their children will allow children to stay more social, less violent and stay more active in today’s society. Children who …show more content…
Violent video games contain blood, fighting and even killing and children that are exposed to this environment daily will think that violence is accepted and a part of everyday life. They need to distinguish what is reality and what is fantasy or else they can become confused on how to handle certain situations. Locks and parental settings can help monitor what your children are viewing and even prevent them from viewing certain material but it is hard to watch every little thing they are viewing. With parents monitoring what their children are viewing and playing, they can set time limits on how long a child uses a device. Children are spending more and more time in front of a screen than experiencing the world first hand. Almost everyone has access to a television or computer and would rather be on these electronics than out doing the actual activities. The video game Wii Fit is a game where you do exercises by watching the television in order to get into shape, instead of the individual getting out and going to the gym. Children are playing sports video games instead of picking up a ball and going outside to play with friends. Children lose out on an active life style if they spend too much time in front of screen. Sitting on a couch all day in front of a screen is not healthy, if children don’t stay active and do
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