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Nick Osborne Essay The Tropfest films Road Rage (2006) and Lemonade Stand (2012) both represent Australian stories and Australian voices. Both of the films explore the representation of Australians and show many different aspects of Australian culture. The film Road Rage expounds a different more emotional side to the typical stereotype of Australian men. Lemonade Stand also represents Australian culture, through the use of themes such as mateship and the Aussie Battler. Both of the films through the use of mis-en-scene and a variety of different visual and oral techniques show key aspects of Australian culture, The film Road Rage explores many different facets of Australian culture, particularly the representation of Australian men.…show more content…
In Road Rage mateship is also illustrated to depict Australian culture. Mateship is highly evident throughout the second half of the film. It is represented as something that unites the community of drivers. An example of this is when the aggressive driver changes mood and shows empathy towards the negligent driver. Having both the characters on the same level, creates equality between the two, and close up shots of both men’s faces each with expressions of sorrow. Another example is the use of mis-en-scene, when the enraged driver hands the negligent driver his handkerchief, this action symbolises the change in mood from aggression to compassion. It is clear Road Rage represents mateship in Australian culture. In comparison, the film Lemonade Stand also represents Australian culture; the theme of mateship represents this. Benny and Granddad the two main protagonists must overcome the threat of Kevin ‘Fanny’ Dawson. The mateship between Benny and Granddad is very clear, as they have lived with each other there whole lives. The way the two run the Lemonade stand together also shows how close mates they are, this can be seen as a representation of Australian culture. An example from the text is at the start when Benny and Granddad are doing everything together. Full shots are used to show the two doing various activities together. Another example of mateship is how hard Benny tries to get the stand back for his mate. Doing something, no matter what it is, for a mate is a
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