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Distinctively visual representations allow the audience to envisage different purposes crafting emotions which stay with us forever. Graphic depiction is a fundamental characteristic within distinctively visual, thus the audience is able to be exposed to the intense illustrations exemplified by composers. Spudvilla’s portrayal of “Woolvs in the sitee” demonstrates the child’s inability to reconcile with himself. Contrasting to this notion; the playwright “Shoe-horn Sonata” to expose the brutal reality of POW camps during WWII. Therefore, distinctively visual forces the audience to succumb to the barriers society creates. It is through distinctively visual representations and graphic depiction that allows the audience to develop a sense of…show more content…
Graphic depictions develop a strong clarification, which enables the audience to illustrate illusions of reality. Misto illuminates social realism through the use of props such as the motel room; fridge, bed, table and suitcases, creating a realistic scene which also develops stage direction and setting. This intrigues the audience into a “real life” re-enactment developing the feeling of being a part of the play and the reality of war. Misto manipulates our emotions through the use of stage directions exposing a certain mood, mastering characterisation throughout the playwright. This creates an instant connection to the past which adds immediacy to the actions occurring, providing the audience with a profound understanding of Bridie and Sheila. Misto’s clique use of costumes for the women express individuality of Bridie and Sheila, insisting the audience that the two women have respect for themselves and always appear presentable, such as Sheila with her gloves, illuminating the women’s age and era the play was set in. The composer illustrates vivid images to support the theme and context of war. Distinctively visual images represent and secure the audience’s mind and emotions. Human senses profoundly distinguish emotions through the use of unambiguous graphics. Distinctively visual images trigger and engage the full dimension of human resilience essentially manipulating the audience’s emotions. Spudvilla exemplifies
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