English Essay: My Love With The English Language

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My fascination with the English language had been rooted as far back as my youth. I had always most prominently noticed my endless interest in the English language. It was as if each word stroke to me, as if each string of sentence never fails to draw me into a trance. I am Alice, and likewise, the English language is my wonderland. The thick books with large letter strewn in patterns never once intimidated me. I read Jack Kerouac, and Sylvia Plath as soon as I knew how to read, for their novels had nefarious characters, thrilling denouement, doused in enviable lucidity. I fell in love with the English language, before I know what love is. Consequently, I had decided to study English language as to incite my skills in writing, and to refine my knowledge in the subject that I had so easily fall in love with.

My love for the English language had been most definitely prominent throughout the courses of my life. I had taught English for kindergarten kids
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Be that as it may, the only agitation I felt was that of excitement. I had been on two student exchange program, with Germany as well as Brazil, and I had been adapted to the new environment was incredible. Submerging myself in the country that I know only a tête-à-tête of the language was refreshing. I am immersed with the novelty of the culture, thus, I am absolutely positive living in England would only bring me the same experience, if not better. In addition to student exchange, I had also attended an International Youth Meeting in Slovenia, which had allowed me to meet with people from all walks of life, which had accordingly helped me discerning complex factual behavior of people. The frequent friendly debated we have had enhanced my eloquence and helped me learn how to argue cogently as to express my
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