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Sailesh Darbha Sorry... My dark, grey, ripped up hoodie with no design and my plain sweatpants said it all… “Worn down loser,” I hear from the silence, and it’s not me this time, it’s my old friends who chip away at my rotting body with their taunts. They think they make me mad and they think they are what is eating me out, but those sons of bitches don’t get it. They don’t matter, I don’t matter, we are all just alive to amuse the gods while our deaths are orchestrated by the very gods we praise. Lambs to the cosmic slaughter. My eyes hang crippled by the burden of this knowledge as my legs carry my carcass through the war zone that is school. Wars with guns may cause more deaths, but the battle that uses words and children…show more content…
I put my headphones in and I stare at the twisted and intertwining branches that write a million stories with their complexity. As I analyze their tales my eyes close and my dreams come alive. I see her, her soft pale skin and dark hazel eyes her tall frame and loving arms her face is blurred as the older I get, the less she is with me, but I can still see my mom there to comfort me and release me from my nightmares. Her touch is the light in my sea of darkness. I try to go out and touch her, hug her and tell her to stay but as I reach to her, she dissipates and I am left alone on my bench in the middle of the night, the only noise is my music, drowning my fear. My music isn’t enough, however, as I begin my death march from the warm safe park bench, to my lonely house. As I place my hand on the door I feel a sense of relief, the simplicity of my torment makes the torture less painful. I cross the door frame and I see my dog Ray sitting and looking at me with his sad eyes. Ray can’t talk but i can understand him, and he sees me and cares about me, I just wish he didn’t have to deal with the constant pain I live through. His large eyes and tired soul fill my heart and make me forget that Dad is still in the house. “Hi son, were you just going to ignore your old man? Come over here and give me a hug.” Crap. I don’t have time to get upstairs, so I cautiously move towards him as he puts his arms around me
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