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Society´s Child – My Autobiography – Janis Ian There will never be a time in your life, where it is not the right time to do something great. What is it you looked at, and decided that you could not do and ended up talking yourself out of? When things do not work out for you, is there anything you can think of, that can make you strong? When you allow your pain to push you to greatness and to believe in your principles. That is one of the themes that Janis Ian operates with from her book “Society´s Child – My autobiography Janis Ian is an American folksinger and writer. She had her breakthrough with her first single “Society´s Child” which can be related to her autobiography “Society´s Child”. The song is about forbidden love…show more content…
In this quotation she describes the atmosphere at the concert. Not only was it a few people who were against her, but suddenly it was everybody. Men and women from the lower- class the middle class and even the higher-class. People who dressed well even made a clearer picture of how the atmosphere was. Also she creates distance and contradictions by saying “You´ve got to go back Janis. You´ve got to, because if you don´t they win. And you can´t let them win. So it is clear that she is under pressure and she uses that pressure to create the bond with the readers of the story from the beginning to the very end. It is clear that the intention of Janis Ian´s biography was to inform people how the racial segregation was in the 60´s and of course the exact situation she and many other freedom fighters and writers stood in. Another intention was to affect the readers´ way of thinking. She does that in that way that even when she was paralyzed by the fear of the unruly crowd she still ends up having an excellent state of mind and therefore she overcame her obstacles and her fear by entering the stage for the very last time. Even if it means that she stands alone against everybody. That is also why I think that she was hero. She didn’t sell her success for what people wanted to hear, but she did like a lot of other freedom fighters, and started talking

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