English Exam B

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Opgave 1 |Opgave 1 | |Kathy WAKES UP to a thump upstairs, coming from one of the kids’ rooms. She LISTENS closely, praying silently for rest. Each | |morning there was a delicate period, between six and six-thirty, when there was a chance, however remote, that they could steal | |another ten or fifteen minutes of sleep. But now there was another thump, and the dog barked, and another thump followed. What | |was happening in this house? Kathy LOOKS to her husband. He was staring at the ceiling. […] | |…show more content…
| |Elaine is tired from the hard work, but still she holds out. | |He falls out with his brother because of a girl. | |To apply for the job Mr. Jones has to fill in the questionnaire. | |The mother tells of her son for coming home late at night. | |George carries on his hand, but Reynold refuses to shake it. | |Young Julia takes after her mother. | |The manager takes on a new assistant the next day. | |The grandparents puts off their trip to
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