English Exam Grade 11

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‫التقييم التربوي الشامل‬ ‫لدولة قطر‬ ‫االختبار التجريبي 2013‬ ‫اللغة االنجليزية‬ ‫الصف الحادي عشر ( متقدم )‬ ‫‪English Reading/Writing‬‬ ‫‪Grade 11 Advanced‬‬ WRITING STRATEGIES AND MECHANICS 1 Choose the words that belong in the blank. My brother was always fascinated by how the human heart works, so it was not surprising that he became _____________. A an audiologist B a cardiologist C a dermatologist D an anthropologist 2 Choose the words that belong in the blank. A new computer store is opening this weekend. It’s name,__________ , means it is a very big store. A Computer Kilomart B Computer Dynomart C Computer Extramart D Computer Megamart 3 Choose the word that belongs in the blank. Many people in the world face a _________of…show more content…
(4) Many children, if given the choice, will choose foods that are high in sugar or other nonnutritious ingredients instead of more wholesome food prepared in a healthy way. (5) For instance, if offered a choice between candy and baked fish, most children will choose candy. (6) This is why schools ________ take action. (7) By eliminating non-nutritious choices and serving only healthy foods, schools will teach students how to eat properly, and will help them become healthy adults. (8) You may think that it is solely the job of parents to teach children how to eat well, but schools must reinforce this positive behavior in order to give young people the best chance to grow up healthy. 9 Why is sentence 1 written in the passive voice? A to make the essay more formal B to emphasize an important topic C to give the reader a sense of place D to make the sentence less personal 10 Which word best fills the blank in sentence 3? A because B Although C nonetheless D Therefore 11 Which word best fills the blank in sentence 6? A can B could C must D would 12 Which sentence offers a supporting example for the writer’s argument that children must be taught to eat healthy food? A sentence 2 B sentence 3 C sentence 5 D sentence 7 13 What does entire mean in this sentence? In some cultures, it's more polite to leave some food on the plate, rather than eating the entire meal. A important B cooked C nutritious

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