English Expansion in Ireland

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Introduction For my research task I had picked Irish English (also known as Hiberno English). As English was first introduced to Ireland by the time of the Norman invasion. By the Tudor period, the Irish culture and language re-claimed its use in the territories it lost. However, the renewal of English expansion following the Tudor conquest of Ireland revived the use of their language, specifically during the plantations and the introduction of the Penal Laws, which banned the use of Irish. By the 19th century, English was the language that was spoken most in the whole country. It has reserved this position till the present day. Even though some people had their first language as Irish also was fluent in English. Methodology Hypothesis My hypothesis is based on the conversation of my two Irish friends about a party. This was the part of their conversation I had took the conversation and translate it to British English. Then I had asked the assistance of my friends to check if the translation was correct to proceed with my researches. This is their conversation translated. Irish English British English Howya Seán, Grand Liam, how is Máire Máire is off her nut, Japers, Liam got minerals Me arse, Where’s the hooley, Gaff far wack, the. How are u John, Fine William, how is Mary Mary is crazy, Gosh really, William got any drinks , Yeah sure, Where is the party, At the house on the opposite side. Analysis
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