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Owl By Jackie Kay There are a lot of people who seem to think of their childhood as one of the best. And I’m not an exception. Childhood is one of the greatest things in life. You get to be yourself and not stress or think over all the cruel stuff that is going to happen later in life. Childhood is definitely extra good if you have a childhood friend to share things with. And that is what Jackie Kay has narrated in her short story “Owl”. The short story “Owl” is written by the Scottish writer Jackie Kay in 2012 and it’s from her most recent collection Reality, Reality. Jackie Kay is famous for her poetry novels such us her stories that are primarily for children. Anita is the main character in this short story. And the story isn’t…show more content…
As I already mentioned before, the majority of the short story is told in flashback and in some dialogues kind of way. The use of dialogues is made to reflect on Anita as a narrator and such as a protagonist. “We must face what we saw and what we did about what we saw. And maybe after that we could go back to our names, to calling ourselves our real names. (Though I doubt we'd ever do that. It would sound like we were angry at each other, or suddenly frosty i f I out of the blue started calling Tawn Marion and she started calling me Anita. It'd be ridiculous. Our names would sound dated.)” (Line 135-139). From that sentence it clearly indicates that after all these years, these two ladies still has this fantastic friendship and never have the thought to break it between them. “I could never call you anything other than Tawn.” (Line 139-140). The protagonist doesn’t change the use of the language at all through the short story. It is exemplified when Barn and Tawny is all grown and talks about their childhood especially the part where Anita (Barn) saw her own dad kiss with Tawny’s mother. Talking about contrasts in this short story, one of the contrasts that come across is the one between the Anita and Barn. Since Anita was ten years old and Tawny nine, the nickname has been their way of identifying themselves. In some kind of way, these two ladies at the 40s (or Anita alone) are somehow still stuck to the past. Anita had that
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