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GRADE 12 GRAAD 12 NATIONAL SENIOR CERTIFICATE GRADE 12 ENGLISH FIRST ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE P3 NOVEMBER 2010 MEMORANDUM MARKS: 100 This memorandum consists of 9 pages. Copyright reserved Please turn over English First Additional Language/P3 2 NSC – Memorandum DBE/November 2010 INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION This memorandum must be used together with the attached English FAL assessment rubrics for SECTIONS A, B and C. SECTION A: ESSAY QUESTION 1 Instructions to Markers: • • • • Candidates are required to write an essay of 250 to 300 words (1 to 1 ½ pages) on ONE topic only. Full credit must be given for the candidate’s own interpretation. Marking must be objective. Consider the background of the candidate and give credit for relevant…show more content…
2.1 INTERVIEW • • • • 2.2 The interview must be between the manager of a government department and the candidate as an applicant for the bursary. The interview should be about the candidate’s application for a bursary. The register and tone of the interview must be formal. The dialogue format must be used. [30] FORMAL LETTER • • • • The letter should be addressed to the manager of a company. The content should include references to the success of the event and thanks for the sponsorship. The tone and register of the letter should be formal. The following aspects of format should be included: o Address of sender o Date o Address of recipient o Greeting/Salutation (e.g. Sir, Madam, Dear Sir, Dear Madam, Dear Mr Smith) o Subject line/heading o Suitable ending (Yours sincerely/Yours faithfully) o Signature and printed name of sender. [30] Copyright reserved Please turn over English First Additional Language/P3 5 NSC – Memorandum DBE/November 2010 2.3 NEWSPAPER ARTICLE • • • • The article must have a heading/headline. The article must be written in paragraphs. The suggestions/advice/tips may be bulleted/numbered. The tone and register of the article may be formal or informal. The article must be on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime, i.e. the suggestions should be about
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