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Drugs, alcohol, money, family, supporters, and a heck of a ride are all positives and negatives to do with Fame. All these pros and cons are displayed within Asturias where a group of teenagers go through different stages to reach fame. These are also shown within my TOYOCS of “Billionaire” by Travie Mccoy and “Almost Famous” by Cameron Crowe. The visual representations I provided all symbolize different aspects of fame. Money There is often an idea in many people head that “fame = money.” This can come from people purchasing your merchandise or even through companies sponsoring you. This idea of “fame = money” is supported in Asturias when we are told about Time and how “He was now much wealthier than his parents” . This tells us going…show more content…
An example of this in Asturias is when all the band members history and life stories were told. “It was more the way they told the truth.” In this line we are shown that they weren’t exactly lying, but more like bending the truth. It is a technique that is used to engage the audience and make then sound more interesting. Deception occurs in the movie Almost Famous when the band members say “it’s not about the money, it’s about playing music.” This is deception because they say one thing but act another. They are clearly after money and fame, and also whatever girls they are able to get. Family/Conclusion Overall many people see become a celebrity as a dream especially teenagers. I believe they still only see the positives of this and fail to see the downsides. But all celebrities are just normal people. Many of them still do the things we do and also have a Family. Family is also another important concept of being famous. It tells us that they are still average people that are able to live average lives. At the end of the day family is something that is still very important, many people forget about easily when they become famous and wealthy. An example of this is when Alex from Asturias, after everything still goes back to look after his Grandad, which means he probably never forgot that he was one of his most MAIN
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