English Feature article on Shakespears Macbeth with reference to both play and Polanski's adaptation. Title: Windows changed through time.

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Windows changed through time.

A way to see the world through different eyes...

In late 1606 or early 1607, The last of Shakespeare 's four great tragedies was

written. Macbeth has been said by many

to be Shakespeare 's darkest work, A

Reflection through Shakespeare 's mind

giving us a window into Elizabethan ways

of politics, Human violence and Human


Quiet relevantly Shakespeare would never have guessed that over 400 years later the basic morals and characteristics that were used to shape his own work would be put into use yet again for a modern day adaptation, That in short took the great writers technique of windowing their own time and creating a work to be treasured by today 's audiences.

In 1917 Roman Polanski
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In Macbeth Shakespeare strongly relies on Soliloquies as a way to see the world through different eyes. To see the world through the characters mind and to truly be able to understand it, The motives, The deep thoughts everything that makes a character act the way in which they do.

In the film the soliloquies are performed as voice overs and remain largely intact. The strong language presented in the voice overs while still being able to watch the character move around in their environment adds a visual element to the already captivating scene. It makes sure that we are totally alert to the plot and the things that are happening.

Yet again the adaptation opens up the window that Shakespeare had been so enthralled in the human mind, The idea of good verse evil, The presence of evil and also the idea of consciousness.

In the play the first sign of confusion in conscience is the witches, Resembling evil they state "Foul is Fair" meaning what is evil is good and "Fair is Foul" meaning what is good they find repulsive. This seems to be a theme to life lead by the evil characters, but it could also be a warning to the audience about things to come.

From my personal view today 's society is the same as Shakespeare wrote with the struggle between good and evil, The idea of right and wrong and the constant struggle between the two. This is also associated
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