English Football and Its Economy

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Introduction In English 92 professional football clubs are registered in 4 divisions. There are 20 clubs in the Premiership League, which is the first division league, below Premiership League, there is a League called Championship League, which is the second division league and there are 24 teams, the third division league is called League One even though it is not the first division and there are also 24 clubs, and the bottom league is called League Two and 24 teams are registered. Today, it is said that the English Premiership League is the wealthiest league in the world. If you are football lover Roman Abramovich is the name you would certainly know, who is one of the most famous owners in England or even in the world. He was…show more content…
Historical hooligans were called “roughs”. They caused trouble at matches throughout the 19th century. Some extreme cases the roughs attacked referees and visiting players. In the 60’s football as a sport began to get more media attention, so did the fights and disorder. In the 60’s hooligans were more organized than it is today. We do not see outrageous incident frequently nowadays. European Cup final in 1985, when Liverpool against Italian side Juventus at Heysel Stadium in Brussels, Belgium, 39 fans mostly Italian were killed. English clubs were banned from participating in European Cup for five years, and Liverpool were initially banned for 10 years but later reduced to six years.
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