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UNIT TITLE: English for Engineering
UNIT TUTOR: Claire Brett
TITLE OF ASSIGNMENT: Coursework: Essay

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SIGNED (A typed name is fine): Tianyuan Li

DATE: 22/03/15
Briefly Outline the History of the Development of the Computer and Discuss the Challenges and Opportunities for the Future

Tianyuan Li (Norman)

This essay is to talk about the brief
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[1] It did anticipate the four components essential to modern computing. These four main parts of a computer are recognized as input, storage, processing and output. The problem with those ancient type of mechanical calculators was they did not have enough processing speed and their calculating accuracy was low

What made modern computers possible was the invention of something that could do the calculations and other information processing with no moving parts and do it in a high speed path. That problem was solved when electronic components were introduced to the people and with that design, a fast and efficient machine such as Babbage proposed was possible be built with all four essential components to modern computing.

The history of computers begin with the invention of ENIAC in 1946 which is regarded as the first general purpose electronic computer. The computer was initially developed for the code-solving use in World War II, but it was not completed until the war had ended. It was installed at the University of Pennsylvania with 40 separate eight-foot-high and 18,000 tubes installed. In 1965, the first commercial minicomputer, the PDP-8, was successfully developed by the DEC and the invention of IBM Personal Computer in 1981 was a complete package with the similar content to nowadays computers. The computer started to be much similar to the computers we know
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