English For Specific Purposes ( Esp )

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English for specific purpose (ESP) has a long history in the field of English teaching. ESP is a branch of English language Teaching (ELT) and refereed as ‘applied ELT’ because the aims and contents of any ESP course is based on specific needs of the learners and context and focuses more on specific and immediate needs of the learners . Based on Tome Hutchison and Alan Walters, 1990, English for specific purposes (ESP) is an approach to language teaching in which all decisions as to content and method are based on the learners’ reasons for learning. They define ESP as an approach rather than a product – meaning that ESP does not involve a particular kind of language, teaching material or methodology. ESP was initially developed for EFL…show more content…
Many writers and researchers have defined English for specific purposes. Some of these definitions are as the following: Belcher (2004) noted that: Unlike other pedagogical approaches, which may be less specific needs–based and more theory-driven, ESP pedagogy places heavy demands on its practitioners to collect empirical needs-assessment data, to create or adapt materials to meet specific needs identified, and to cope with often unfamiliar subject matter and even language use. Swales (1992) also defined ESP as: “…the area of inquiry and practice in the development of language programs for people who need a language to meet a predictable range of communicative needs.” John Munby (1978) defined ESP as: “ESP courses are those where the syllabus and materials are determined in all essentials by the prior analysis of the communication needs of the learner” (p.2). For Mackay and Mountford (1978:4), English for Specific Purposes is: “A restricted repertoire of words and expressions selected from the whole language because that restricted repertoire covers every requirement within a well defined context, task or vocation.” Mackay and Mountford (1978) indicated that: The term ESP is generally used to refer to the teaching
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