English: Hatred and William Hazlitt Essay

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Samantha Fox English 010 Rhetorical Analysis There comes a time in everyones life when they come to hate or sometimes even learn to hate a particular person or thing. Whether it be that boy or girl in high school that was better in sports, or the boy who started dating the girl you were planning on asking to prom, to the person who got the promotion at work over you. If we all took the time to think back I am sure we can all recall a time where we despised a situation or an individual. Take for instance the writing by William Hazlitt entitled “On the Pleasure of Hating”, which includes many examples of how people get pleasure out of other peoples misery or defeat. However, I do not agree on most of the points made in the writing of…show more content…
As for those old books, I would not read a book that I would not enjoy. There may even come a time when I may call upon that old book for a life lesson, or hand it down to a child. Lastly, I cannot fathom that there is any one individual who would come to hate themselves. Although, self loathing is not flattering, it can be redeemed. For instance, there may have been a fight that you stood by and laughed at as one person dominated and took the other down. Later on, you can redeem that by approaching the individual who was beaten and apologize for not stepping in. There is no way that one person can continue in a world of hate for an extended period of time that they come to hate themselves. Another quote that I find appalling is when Hazlitt states “Our honey-moon, even though we wed the Muse, must come to an end; and is followed by indifference, if not by disgust.” I have heard the saying “the honey-moon is over” however, I have only heard it used in jest. When two people agree to wed it is considered to be for better or worse. So to think that once the honey-moon is over it is immediately followed by indifference or disgust is even more appalling than anything else Hazlitt wrote. I would like to think that more people take the approach in life as I do. That is, live in the moment but fight for what you believe in and the ones you love. To just throw the towel in and destroy a marriage over something that is sometimes not even worthy of

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