English Heritage in Policing

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Ivon Martinez What is our English Heritage in policing? Paper CJA/214 Intro to Police Theory & Practices Rudy Pichardo November 30, 2011 The American system of law and criminal justice was borrowed from the English. The first references to an English criminal justice or law enforcement system appeared some 1,000 years earlier than Sir Robert Peel established the first English police department in 1829. England’s King Alfred the Great was preparing his Kingdom for a Danish invasion; his strategy against the Danes was maintaining stability in his own country and providing a method for people living in villages to protect one another (Dempsey & Forst, 2010, p 4-9). King Alfred established a system of mutual pledge a…show more content…
They basically came out with official crime reports. They formed a small investigative unit which they called Bow Street Runners. These were private citizens who were not paid by public funds but who were permitted to accept thief-takers rewards. In 1763 John Fielding created civilian horse patrol in London. Then later in 1770 a small, permanent foot patrol financed by public funds was established in London (Dempsey & Forst, 2010, p 4-9). In 1804 a new horse patrol was established for Central London, and was England’s first uniformed patrol. In 1829 Peel’s police force, the Metropolitan Police, is established in London, England’s first large scale, organized, uniform, paid, civil police department. Peel has become known as the founder of modern policing. The Metropolitan Police was organized around the beat system, in which were assigned to relatively small permanent posts and were expected to become familiar with them and the people residing there (Dempsey & Forst, 2010, p 4-9). The main job of the new police was suppressing mob disorder, winning support from the public, and developing a disciplined force. Eventually Peel’s system became so popular that all English cities adopted his idea of a civil police department (Dempsey & Forst, 2010, p 4-9). In conclusion our first modern police forces were strongly borrowed from England. During the nineteenth century policing was efficient, lack of professionalism, and strongly corrupt.
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