English Immersion Programs Essay

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English Immersion Programs

Imagine a world where there is only one language, and people are able to converse with no problems. You wouldn’t need to be a linguist in order to understand another’s language, or culture. Now, think again about what that language should be. Most people would agree that English should become the next “Mother Tongue”, the language that everyone knows and everyone converses in worldwide. When people choose to speak using there own languages is when division among cultures is created, resulting in superiority complexes. Similarly, in the classroom, Spanish and all other languages that are not English should be prohibited. Spanish and other languages need to be forbidden from the classroom in order to
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Furthermore, those who have faced an immersion into the English language tend to be adjusted well after only a few years. Researchers have discovered that “English-speaking children chose to play with English-speaking playmates in the classroom until the second-language-learning children began to communicate in English” (Tabors 110). Although it is sad, the fact remains that children who are unable to communicate in the language of their peers will continue to be an outcast until the language barrier is filled. Second-language-learners tend to feel that Spanish is their “families language…the language that seemed private to me” (Rodriguez 89). This ultimately causes some degree of division. Yet, a division that is necessary for the student to feel that they need to learn English. An immersion program over a program such as English as a Second Language allows the student to quicker learn the language of their peers. Making them not so far behind after they start to learn the language. It also allows them more time to catch up to those students in their classes rather than fighting their way through ESL and still ending up behind in their classes for possibly many years. This also provides them with a social