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English is an international language which is used by people in all over the world as a tool of communication.There are several reason why it is happen. One of the reason is English is a language that is used by many countries in the international forum for communication. Another reason is English is a language which is used to get information,for example science and technology development because most of invention and scientific books are reported and written in English.
English language is still become foreign language in Indonesia but in Malaysia and other advanced countries,English has become second language after their native language. However,the important of English language in Indonesia can not be ignored. Many tourism and beautiful places in our country interest people from around the world to visit Indonesia.They need guide to visit our country.So, Indonesian societies demanded to master in English language eventhough only in basic skill for communication.
In terms of the importance of English language as already discussed, The government has decided that it becomes one of the compulsory subjects at junior high school,senior high school,or the university.In academic purpose,the goal of teaching English in Junior High School and Senior High School is to
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The teacher or lecturer will know how the students understand about the text through questions. Questions is one of thinking process can be used to develop concept, clarify reasoning, and lead the students to have a higher level of thinking Then, it can be used to stimulate students’ thinking and to enhance students’ cognitive process and comprehension ability.So, question can become a strategy to check the student’ understanding about the text which has
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