English Is My Second Language

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English, is my second language, is a big challenge for me because I didn’t know how to say any English when I came to U.S. The only sentence I knew which is how are you doing. People usually are very powerful when they understand English because a lot of professional documents are written by English. In this quarter, I have learned how to write an essay in efficiently and professionally, and I have become more advanced than previous. By moving to next level this is ESL 5, I will keep my English learning attitude and patient to develop and practicing my writing skill. In ESL 273 class, I learned about write a powerful conclusion paragraphs and a smooth organizing skill, and I also noticed I need to continue improving to make a strong topic sentences, and then explain the topic clearly. For those reasons, I should keep to the next level of education on my second language, and the level is ESL 5. I believe I have the eligibility for ESL 5 because of my strength in writing a conclusion paragraphs. The conclusion paragraphs are very important parts to restates the main idea of my essay, and it also can help reader to recall the writer’s main idea for whole essay. This is a good skill for me to move on to ESL 5. When I write a conclusion paragraphs, I always read my essay again to make sure my ideas is clear. For example, in “The benefits of internet filter”, I wrote that the internet filter has multiple advantages which help the libraries manage the public computer usage, and
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