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To be fluent in any language, one must be literate. The definition of “literate” in this case refers to the ability to read, write, and speak and language without the aid of a secondary source in a respectable, normalized way. This is easily said but difficult to do in certain cases. English is known for its many rules, and infamously known for the exclusions to all of the rules. As a result, I have had my fair share of mispronouncing words because they were exclusions to a rule. On the other hand, it took me less time to develop a sense of literacy in Spanish, as it is pretty structured grammatically and is phonetic for the most part. Every sound is accounted for and there aren’t as many exclusions or exceptions to get hung up on. Even…show more content…
This can be very confusing as the majority of the sentence are just random words drawn together that won’t make sense until it is looked over a few times. As someone who was burned and raised in America the great, this sentence should have not taken more than one attempt to read. It did. I first found it online, in individual parts: (“Through, tough and thorough thought, one may understand the English Language”, “Can someone explain why ‘pony’ and ‘bologna’ rhyme ?!!1!” and “Lead and read rhyme and so do lead and read but lead and read do not rhyme” were each their own individual idea posted by three different people). After I read each sentence like three times, and understood what each one was saying, I married these sentences together and wrote the long sentence above in my 9th grade "Writer 's notebook". This notebook housed everything high-school freshman Nick thought was related to English; I drafted all of my assignments, copied down grammar rules, and defined parts of speech in this book. In fact, I believe the notebook itself shows personal growth in my English literacy as it shows the gradual growth as a writer and the development of my writing. At the beginning of the semester, we were asked to write a composition, which would be graded by the teacher. This assignment is on the first two pages of the notebook- written in ink with all of the scratch out words. On this
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