English Language And Translation From Saudi Arabia

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I obtained a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Translation from the University of Al Qassim in Saudi Arabia. The notion of completing my studies in the United States is an objective of mine since I was in middle school. It is not my first time leaving home to study abroad. In the summer of 2007 before I started college, I studied English in Great Britain for 6 months; combined I have studied in ESL schools for the past two and a half years. During that time, learning the language was not my only objective. Next in importance is learning how instructors instruct and what are the methods that work best for students, which I believe gives me an advantage over other applicants. In addition, I had a great deal of responsibility to my family whom decided to move to the United States in order to find a better life for my mentally psychotic brother. It is these obligations that help shape me to be the person I am today. I have coached myself not to run away or complain about responsibilities. Therefore, when my entire family, parents and five siblings came to the U.S. I had to grow up and tend to their needs. The decision to follow me to the State’s came out of the blue and it was especially nerve racking to me since no one in my family speaks English well. Consequently, I became the channel through which my family communicated with the outside world. It was not an easy transition to suddenly be responsible for a whole family. while I was in school I had to leave classes

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