English Language Arts Lesson Plan: Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven'

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English Language Arts Lesson In this activity, I have planned a lesson reviewing the infamous poem, "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe. The lesson itself is intended to follow the Alabama State Standards for Seventh Grade Language Arts. According to the state standards for literature, the form, theme, tone, and syntax of poems must be analyzed and understood, as stated in standards one through 6 (Alabama Learning Exchange, 2010). Thus the following activities are meant to be undertaken by students after reading the poem. The include a review of the poem's tone, symbols, status of the narrator, key terms, and final questions forcing individual interpretation of students.
Concept Map of Symbolism The concept map helps outline some of the major symbols of the poem, and also shows how they can be broken up based on their differences. This symbolism map will help expose students to the intense imagery of Poe. The map is also attached in a JPG.
For the Glogster portion of this activity, the link is here: HYPERLINK "http://poelesson.edu.glogster.com/poe-lesson/" http://poelesson.edu.glogster.com/poe-lesson/
I thought it would be best to have an animoto with short response questions for the students to answer. This could help give them ideas for the final essay they will be responsible for at the end of this poetry unit. Thus, these questions are combined with the pictures that represent the tone and style of the dark poem, "The Raven." Students would then be

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