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During the last year I have studied English language at an intensive English program (IEP) at the University of Southern Indiana (USI). The program was organized for the international students where the teachers collaborated with the students; by doing this, it made learning the English language very easy to us and helped us to absorb it. However, I have always wondered about how a teacher would teach or deal with children who study the English language as a second language. I used to believe that being English as Second Language (ESL) teacher was going to be seven hours of teaching children the alphabets and memorizing the English words. I had never thought I would have an opportunity to go and observe class of children who study English as second language and see how the teacher works. When I took the Language, literacy, and culture course, I had the chance to do that and I was very excited. I had the chance to be in class with other ESL teachers and observe the way they teach the class. After this observation of watching the students of all ages, of different countries, and how the teacher taught themes, I have changed my opinion of teaching the English as second language Observing Stockwell Elementary School has made me realize that teaching English as a second language is more than memorizing, but also interacting and understanding every student’s needs in learning the language.
On September 22nd, I went to Stockwell Elementary School to observe with my friend Amani.

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