English Language Challenges

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Nowadays, second language teaching has become a challenge for all of the teachers involved in it. Teaching a second language not only involves being able to help students develop their four basic language skills, it involves learning about each students motivations, styles of learning, strengths and weaknesses, cultural and social background and many other factors that may interfere with students learning process. Being able to include activities that are helpful for every single one of our students and that meet their different needs in our daily lesson plans is one of the challenges that English teachers have to face every day. Consequently, the goal of this essay will be to give a useful explanation about each language skill and how they are affected by the different classroom approaches teachers use through the process of learning English. This lesson is prepared for a third grade class at a bilingual school that contains 27 students, these students are at the A2 stage on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR).
Classroom Approaches “An approach to language teaching is something that refrains certain principles or beliefs based on research: a theory. A method, on the other hand, is a set of procedures; a system that spells out rather precisely how to teach a second or foreign language. A technique is a classroom device or activity.”(1) There is no simple method to manage a classroom effectively,
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