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English has been used in many different ways since we ever started speaking it. Now as we move into the future, English has and still will be used as an international language. Why is it considered so? Also how did this come about? There are changes ongoing that affect English as a language, such as employment opportunities and why it is important for any potential employer wishing to employ someone. It is also used by professionals who are at work each day, on travel, or work-related matters. English is spoken in many different countries and many people there understand English as it is required for business, travel etc. English is also a source of knowledge as it is needed to understand what people are saying, reading books, writing…show more content…
Doctors and nurses may also use medical terminology when discussing something in front of a patient in order to prevent undue anxiety. Medical "jargon" is not at all meant to speak in pig latin in front of a patient. It is so that there is no mistake when doctors are conveying information about a patient to each other. For example, to a lay person, "fever" may mean that the person feels hot, or that the temperature is above 100 Fahrenheit. But no one really knows and can cause a lot of confusion. With medical terms, things are very clear, so that even a surgeon in France can read a scientific journal article and know exactly what the author means. That way, also, medicine can be global and that the medical societies can share ideas and innovations. Since everything in a patient's medical records must be documented, from signs and symptoms, to the patient's medical history, to the final diagnosis and treatment, it saves the doctors and all other medical personnel a considerable amount of time to use a universally accepted form of medical terminology. And, even more importantly to use medical terminology, means it will be safer when all medical professionals, from doctors and nurses, lab techs to radiology techs, etc. use the same universal medical terminology so they don't have to try to guess what was ordered or charted on the patient's medical records or what procedure a patient needs.
English is
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