English Language Learners : An Instructional Model Based On Theories Of Direct Instruction

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English language learners tend to fall behind their peers due to the inability to read or understand the language. There are various students who identify themselves as English learners and almost 10% of public school students in the United States participate in school- based programs for ELs (Amendum, Bratsch-Hines, and Vernon-Feagans 2017). Many students still tend to lack and struggle in reading and language development. To help English learner’s different types of interventions are being developed that focus on the needs of the students. Through various strategies like the Core Intervention Model and the Targeted Reading Intervention help struggling students perform at a standard level with their peers.
A recent intervention that is
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It is important to not provide additional verbal instruction between the staircase steps because the students are English learners who may not understand the various vocabulary words used while giving the extra instructions. If more explanation is given it can increase the difficulty for Els because it imposes additional language demands and it can distract them from the phonological focus that they are supposed to be learning (Gerbert etal 2006). It is hard enough for them to understand what is being ask of them and giving them extra instructions will just confuse them. It is important to use rapid pace, explicit and concise questions, and to use enthusiastic praise immediately after a child responds because the students who are struggling are falling behind their peers, using a fast paced can lead them to catch up within a short time frame. By using a fast pace approach students have less time of being distracted, it keeps them focus on the material. To be explicit and concise the teacher fist needs to model the activity he/she wants the students to do, for struggling readers they need to be taught first of what they need to do to learn the material (Richards & Leafstedt 2009). By demonstrating to the students what the teacher is asking for they get an idea of what is expected from them. Once the teacher demonstrates the correct way to do it,
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