English Language Learners For My Assessment

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The intended English language learners for my assessment would be primary aged students who are at the beginning level, according to WIDA. Primary aged students are students in kindergarten through grade 2, and WIDA describes students as “beginning” if they (a) understand and speak conversational and academic English with hesitancy and difficulty, (b) understand parts of lessons and simple directions, and (c) are at a pre-emergent or emergent level of reading and writing in English, significantly below grade level. ( Although my students would be young, they could be classified as significantly below grade level if they cannot identify letters and perform poorly on the kindergarten screening and running records. Most ELL students at this age are not literate in their native language, which may make learning English literacy more difficult.
The test I designed I could currently use with some of the students in my classes. I teach kindergarten and first grade English Language Arts and Social Studies and we have a moderate number of immigrant students whose parents do not speak English. Although we do not have an ESL program, our bilingual program draws many native Spanish speaking students to our school because their families want them to maintain their Spanish. We also have immigrant students from other countries, such as Middle Eastern and African countries. This exam covers some of
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