English Language Literature Review

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For English language learners there are two approaches to learning a new language, bilingual education where the student is first taught in their native language before transitioning to the new language and immersion where a student is taught completely in the new language. There are benefits to both approaches. The bilingual method has more flexibility for the learner and brings aspects of the first language into the learning process. The learner is better able to relate the new language to his or her first language. An environment of multi culturalism is created making the learning environment more comfortable to the new learner. An immersion method to learning a new language is one where the learner is only exposed to
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Bacalu (2011) continues to discuss culture stating that “Children coming from a different cultural background should be treated with much care. Schools should give children chance to learn their heritage language and be encouraged to understand their roots.” In some best-case scenario children would learn their native language in a bilingual classroom where the native culture could also be studied. Fer (2016) addresses the need for multiculturalism “Multiculturalism does not mean assimilation or minorities or their tolerance, but openness to otherness, toward the other and taking into consideration differences and diversity as richness.” Wang (2015) states that “the study of second language acquisition has much to do with philosophy, linguistics, phycology, pedagogy, sociology, cognitive psychology” These literature sources stress the need for learners of a new language not to lose their own language and culture during the acquisition of 2015) the new language.
Other literature resources sited the need to understand the connections between the native language and the new language. Deng and Zou (2016) suggest that children learn new languages faster and with greater fluency than adults, “…adults may have lost their natural language acquisition skills after a certain age, so adults cannot successfully acquire the second language with the same level of eventual
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