English Language Teaching

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In the contemporary world, English language has a comprehensive usage and regarded as a lingua franca that acts as a communication bridge between the speakers who speak different native languages . However, it is quiet challenging to teach this language effectively especially to those who speak English as a second or foreign language.
Therefore, the significance of English language learning and teaching cannot be denied. English language Teaching ELT comprise an immense sphere that includes the acquisition, inculcation of language learning and the formation of the comprehensive teaching strategies of English language for the non-native speakers. Likewise, for the competent outcomes of language learning and teaching; various approaches, theories and methods of teaching English as a second language have been formulated. These theories, approaches and methods further aids in designing the course materials, methodologies and teaching tools for teaching English to non-native speakers of English language. Subsequently, there has been great advancement in the practices of English Language Teaching. Teacher training qualification certificate courses for
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The strategies implemented in the CELTA technique of Meaning- Pronunciation -Form cycle gives teacher the scope to inculcate and build word power in English language learners the way as children learn their first language. It mimics the pattern of learner’s mother tongue language learning, known as L1 acquisition, in which a meaningful word is depicted and explained whether through visual example or through verbal context. Afterwards it is pronounced and repeated in the manner of drill in which a child repeats after its parent until he grasps the word through trial and error. Later in the elementary level the child is exposed to the word form and its
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