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Test on English Language Time: 1 hour Max. Marks: 50 ____________________________________________________________ ______ Task-I (15M) Read this letter from Maurice, who is on holiday in Britain, to his sister Sally in New Zealand. Put the verbs in a suitable tense, active or passive. Dear Sally, How are you? We’ve been having a lovely time. We’re being very well looked after by our hosts. We (1) _____________ (take) sightseeing and we (2) _____________ (introduce) to some of their friends, who (3) _____________ (make) us feel very welcome. Last night we (4) _____________ (show) round a castle, by the owner! Most of the land in this area (5) _____________ (belong) to his family for…show more content…
During the course, we analyzed how we spend our time before learn techniques for reducing the amount of timewhich is wasted. This should result in us being more efficient and also reducework-related stress. We were also showing how to employ our time better whenno working as a way of improving our work-life balance. The course had benefitted me by allowing me to spend my working time moreProfitably and consequently more enjoyable as I have learnt techniques whichReduce time-related pressures.Benefits for the companyApart of the obvious advantages for the company in having a more efficientworker, one of the conditions for me going on the course were to cascade mylearning experience to my colleagues. This should result in clear benefits for thewhole department.Conclusion and recommendationsI think short courses like this are some really useful break from work routine. They allow you to think of how you work while at the same time giving you the chance to exchange experiences with employees from other companies. To obtain maximum benefit fro them, trainees should be ready for talk about theirexperiences and mistakes, and be prepared to try new working techniques. |
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