English Language Vs. Foreign Countries Essay

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English Language Education in Japanese Schools
Teaching a second language always has its unique challenges, unlike teaching other subjects, in which instruction is in the learners’ first language. English, being an international language is taught across, most, if not all modern day nations. It is not only important for personal communication and professional growth but also for socialization in a world that is increasingly globalized (Fujimoto-Adamson, p. 259). English language education in international or foreign countries often faces myriad challenges. Japan is not spared by these challenges associated with teaching and learning English as a foreign or second language. These challenges are encountered at all levels of teaching English in Japan, including kindergarten, primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities (Fujimoto-Adamson, p. 259).
The existence of these challenges has created a rather unfriendly situation for teaching and learning English in Japan. With fewer children in Japan, it has become easier for Japanese students to join institutions of higher learning such as universities without studying hard. Despite the existence of these challenges, several recommendations are available for use to change the standards and status of English language learning in Japanese educational Institutions (Fujimoto-Adamson, p. 259).

Challenges to English Language Learning
The problems have been
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