Essay on English Language on Siege

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English is the widely used language on earth. Most international organizations in the likes of UN, Security Council, and IMF mostly use English as their primary language in communication. Somebody will argue here that it is because the headquarters of the organizations is found on English speaking countries. That argument is allowed. Despite this progress made by English as a language on an international platform, it is facing extinction. The emergence of short message texting is killing the once powerful English and replacing it a totally ambiguous language that has ever changing acronyms. Amazingly, these SMS are growing richer each new day and the world is being introduced into a completely new way of writing. English is on siege. The new generation seems not to note that texting is not writing but rather is writing. If the policy makers do not take action as early as now to salvage the remaining pieces of English language, then soon the world will experience a communication barrier and nobody wants to imagine the devastating consequences resulting from such a barrier.
John Humphrys shares a similar sentiment on his article dated 24th September, 2007 posted on Daily Mail. J. Humphrys, who is widely respected for his exceptional command in English, exposes how texting is distorting English language. The love, which Humphrys has for English as a language, is portrayed by the way he has been able to discover that the latest edition of Oxford dictionary is also changing and…