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Teaching Adjectives to Grade VI pupils (through poem) A DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH FOR GRADE VI PUPILS (FOR 4th GRADING PERIOD) By: ESMAELA DIANN B. MASCARDO I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the discussion, pupils will be able to:  Build vocabulary through pictures presented.  Practice proper way of reciting a poem.  Interpret meaning of a poem through pictures.  Identify adjectives used in the poem.  Use adjectives in describing their hometown. II. SUBJECT MATTER: Pointing out adjectives in the poem, “The Town Where I Lived” by A. J. Gil A. REFERENCES:  PELC (Philippine Elementary Learning Competency)  English For You and Me, Language Textbook for Grade Four, pages 147 – 158 B. INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS:  Pictures of…show more content…
Now my heart aches all day for my town far away Where life is sweet and tidy and neat. (After the teacher reads the poem, the whole class reads it, then reading by pair, then individual.) 6. Comprehension Questions for Discussion • What is the poem about? The poem is about a town. • What are the things you can see in the town where the speaker lives? Trees, ducks, geese, and stars are seen in the speaker’s hometown. • To what does the speaker refer to when he/she says, “blazes, hot and around, ‘till the haze shimmers above the ground”? The speaker refers to the summer sun when he/she says, “blazes, hot and around, ‘till the haze shimmers above the ground. • What are the words that the speaker describe about life he/she has in the town where he/she lives? The speaker said that his/her life in the town where she lives is sweet, tidy, and neat. • How does the speaker describe his/her hometown? There could be rainy and sunny days. • What do you think is the kind of place where the speaker lives? The speaker lives in a clean, peaceful place. • How does the speaker feel or thinks in the poem? The speaker misses his/her place. • Where do you think is the speaker now? The speaker is away from his/her place. • What made you think that way? The speaker said that he’s away from his/her hometown in the line, “My heart aches all day,
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