English Lit 1302

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Homework Questions Homework 1 1. Discuss “Cathedral” in terms of James Joyce’s theory of epiphany (in the fiction section). What is the epiphany in the story? Who has it? How does the epiphany relate to the title? 2. Discuss the importance of tone in the story “Cathedral,” particularly the narrator’s tone. How does the tone affect the reader’s perception of theme? How does it enhance the epiphany? 3. Why is the meeting between Mala and Mrs. Croft in “The Third and Final Continent” a significant point in the relationship between the young husband and wife? 4. How does the moon landing relate to the overall theme of “The Third and Final Continent”? 5. Identify and discuss major themes in “The War Generation.” 6. Examine the use…show more content…
How is it ”resolved”? 3. Discuss the use of dramatic irony in Antigone. Why do you think it was used? What would its effect on the audience have been? 4. Discuss the role of the chorus in Antigone. How does it contribute to plot and/or interpretation? 5. Is there anything interesting you noticed in your reading this time that I did not address in my questions? Homework 5 Do a summary of the play you intend to analyze for your drama paper. Tell about characters, plot, themes, setting – anything that you think is significant. I am looking at this as a sort of exploration of your topic that may help you to discover what you want to write your paper about. (2-4 pages double spaced) Homework 6 1. Make a list of all the imagery (remember, this can include other senses than sight) you notice in “Oranges.” Do you notice any contrasts? Any patterns? How does the imagery enhance the theme of the poem? 2. What might oranges symbolize in the poem “Oranges”? You may have more than one answer. 3. On the surface “Those Winter Sundays” seems to be a very simple poem, but it is actually quite complex. Describe how you view the complicated relationships among the family members of this poem. Some things you might consider are: whether the father is abusive or just stern, whether or not the narrator is a boy or a girl, whether or not there are siblings or a mother, the unexpected ways that love is conveyed, the “larger than life” images of the father. Give specific
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